Our Past Generations

1st gen: Robert Kitchen

2nd gen: Robert Kitchen

3rd gen: William Kitchen

4th gen: Donald Kitchen

5th gen: Dylan and Hailey Kitchen – brother and sister

Our History

In the early 1900’s Robert came to love Northern Michigan and to work in the timber industry where the cutting of the giant pine trees was taking place. Robert came to love it here with its tall trees, fresh air, and cool, clear water, which today remains the same.

Robert bought 80 acres of land and a team of horses. He then planted his first crop of potatoes.

Today, Donald Kitchen 4th generation along with his two children, Dylan, and Hailey Kitchen 5th generation, own and operate on what is now over 5,000 acres of land that make up Kitchen Farms Inc.

We begin each spring by planting specially selected seed potatoes that grow beautifully in our fine, sandy soil. With the help of modern technology and equipment, we are able to plant, irrigate, harvest and then store potatoes at controlled temperatures. We can now bring the world’s finest eating potatoes to you in all size packs – red, white, yellow, and russets potatoes – sold outside of our office door when you need top quality potatoes at a fair price.

Kitchen Farms Potatoes

Donald and William Kitchen – Father and Son